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Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick

ROLL ON… NO MESS… POWERFUL ULTRA STRENGTH, FAST ABSORBING OREGON PURE HEMP PAIN STICK Roll on No Mess Pain Stick has 300 mg of Hemp Oil packed in the Stick with a Kick, derived from Organic Hemp Oil; Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick is formulated with Dilators that allow the Creme to be absorbed very quickly and go Straight to the source of pain. Contains 2 essential oils (Arnica & Lavender) proven to reduce pain & inflammation with great smell. Oregon Pure Pain Stick has beeswax for soothing skin relief that rolls on easy. SAFE with NO SIDE EFFECTS Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick is Non GMO, and is Gluten Free. It is 100% Non Psychoactive, without the side effects often associated with Over the Counter and prescription pain medicine. NO STRONG SMELL, DOES NOT STAIN CLOTHES Topical pain medicines are often known for their strong smell; when using Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick, people will not know you are using it. The Pain Stick with a Kick absorbs so quick and goes to work, it does not stain clothes. HIGH PERFORMANCE PAIN RELIEF FOR ALL AGES. THE PAIN STICK is safe for all ages, (if pregnant consult with your doctor first). Many women have noted use of THE PAIN STICK with pregnancy cramps and soreness associated with pregnancy.