Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick

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About the product
  • FORMULATED WITH DILATORS– this allows the 300 mg POWER PACKED CREME to be absorbed very quickly and go straight to the source of pain.
  • SAFE GREAT SMELL NO SIDE EFFECTS – Many of the original pain relieving creams that are well known all come with a super strong scent so that there is no doubt what that person has on them. Oregon Pure Pain Stick has a relaxing clean smell. It is entirely safe to use for everyone, including athletes of any level, with no adverse side effects
  • HOW TO USE – Apply a liberal amount to your problem area. No touch no problem. The PAIN STICK goes to work with or without you massaging the area of pain. Roll on the pain site and all around it for full effect, the larger the area applied, the more effective the Pain Stick becomes.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE (TRY RISK FREE) – Your satisfaction has no time limit and is 100 percent guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied, return the PAIN STICK to us for a full and prompt refund. This product proudly grown and manufactured in the USA


ROLL ON… NO MESS… POWERFUL ULTRA STRENGTH, FAST ABSORBING OREGON PURE HEMP PAIN STICK Roll on No Mess Pain Stick has 300 mg of Hemp Oil packed in the Stick with a Kick, derived from Organic Hemp Oil; Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick is formulated with Dilators that allow the Creme to be absorbed very quickly and go Straight to the source of pain. Contains 2 essential oils (Arnica & Lavender) proven to reduce pain & inflammation with great smell. Oregon Pure Pain Stick has beeswax for soothing skin relief that rolls on easy. SAFE with NO SIDE EFFECTS Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick is Non GMO, and is Gluten Free. It is 100% Non Psychoactive, without the side effects often associated with Over the Counter and prescription pain medicine. NO STRONG SMELL, DOES NOT STAIN CLOTHES Topical pain medicines are often known for their strong smell; when using Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick, people will not know you are using it. The Pain Stick with a Kick absorbs so quick and goes to work, it does not stain clothes. HIGH PERFORMANCE PAIN RELIEF FOR ALL AGES. THE PAIN STICK is safe for all ages, (if pregnant consult with your doctor first). Many women have noted use of THE PAIN STICK with pregnancy cramps and soreness associated with pregnancy.

2 reviews for Oregon Pure Hemp Pain Stick

  1. George McGeane

    This product is amazing! I woke up this morning with the same severe back pain that bothers me every day. A few minutes after applying the Pain Stick the pain was completely gone. This is the first product that has ever worked for me!

  2. MB

    I have severe S scoliosis. This worked excellent . stop the spasms and pain in lower back. I can walk alot easier now. Love it . this product does not have menthol in it. I really love that …I have tried alot of arthritis creams but none of them top this pain stick.

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