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CBD pet spray


This product is meant to be sprayed on top of your dog’s food. Dosing is on the back of the easy to use spray bottle.

This mixture contains coconut oil and fish oil which work in unison to help protect your animal’s coat, joints, and immune system while delivering many beneficial nutrients.

Lilly’s Gift Pet Food Spray

This spray is dedicated to our dog.

Lilly, was our first dog when we were children. She went anywhere we did, and on several accounts saved each one of us kids from peril. The dog with the never-ending tail wagging, started slowing down towards the end of her 14-year life. When trail runs were cut short because of her limping, we knew it was time to have her be a homebody. When the limp began getting worse, we started playing with different hemp mixtures, and finally found one that put a little more wag in her tail. This serum made her go from limping around the house, to going outside again, and playing like the puppy we grew up with. We at Oregon Pure hope it can put a little pep to your dog’s step, and a little more wag in their tail. We saw it work with Lilly, we hope it will work with yours.

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Coconut Oil Benefits

  • Improvements to skin and coat
  • Aids in parasite control
  • Soothes stings and bites
  • Aids with weight loss
  • Promotes instant energy
  • Improves digestion
  • Disease control

Fish Oil Benefits

  • hearts,
  • joints,
  • coats,
  • skin,
  • immune systems.
  • fighting cancer.