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Hemp Horse Mix

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Oregon Pure Hemp Horse Supplement

Oregon Pure Hemp Horse Supplement is made from naturally grown hemp that is raised on the Cyrus Family farm in the Central Oregon high desert. The clean air, natural isolation, and pure mountain water allow this hemp to be grown without pesticides and achieve naturally high levels of Cannabinoids (predominantly CBD) and Terpenes as well as being a good source of Protein, Calcium, Iron, and Manganese.

CBD, as well as the other Cannabinoids and Terpenes are well known as for their powerful anti-inflammation and anti-pain properties as well as being anti-mutagenic (cancer), and anti-anxiety. Users have reported that the Oregon Pure Horse Supplement has been effective in treating pain caused by arthritis, tendonitis, and Cushing’s as well as having a calming effect for horses being transported or used in gaming. Some users have said that their old, stoved up, horses have started acting young again and have more energy and slicker coats.

*Cannot ship to customers in California.