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Our Story

About the Cyrus Family

The Cyrus family homesteaded in Central Oregon in the 1880’s and has a long history of farming and ranching. Always looking for alternative crops that might grow in our climate, we tried Industrial Hemp in 2016. As a family we jumped head first into this new challenge. After our first season in 2016, we began mixing our hemp extract into all sorts of concoctions. These test trials yielded a line of fantastic hemp products. All of which, we truly believe in.

Matt Cyrus

Matt Cyrus is a 5th generation farmer and entrepreneur in Central Oregon. The hemp venture is a complementary addition to the current hay and cattle operation, but nothing new for a family that has previously raised certified seed potatoes. In addition to overseeing the hemp operation, Matt is involved in a number of other businesses as well as keeping a close eye on legislative issues through involvement in a few farm lobbying organizations.

William Cyrus

William Cyrus helps manage the farm while attending college full time. Will is an important part of the operation and has likely touched every plant. From planting, to weeding, to harvesting, William has an intimate working relationship with the crop.

Alex Cyrus

Alexander Cyrus helps manage the farm while attending college full time. In addition to spending time with the crop, he works to help market the various products and expand our line of quality CBD products.

Our Farming practices, clean, pure, and natural.

The hemp is grown on our family field, close to home. Our crystal clear water originates as snow melt in the Three Sisters Wilderness. We walk and tend the field daily. Instead of using chemicals to control pests, we rely on predator bugs and essential oils to rid our plants of them naturally.

Organic vs Non-Organic Hemp Farming in Oregon

Oregon laws prohibit the sale of any Cannabis product that tests positive for any one of 69 different pesticides. Unlike other crops that allow “safe” levels of pesticides, Oregon has a zero tolerance for pesticides. There is a public misconception that “Organic” means pesticide free. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, there are many pesticides that are certified for Organic use. In addition, Organic fertilizer (manure) may contain pesticide residue that was in the grains that fed to those animals. For example 88% of U.S. corn and 93% of soybeans are GMO, meaning they are designed to be sprayed with glyphosate. Most other grains are sprayed with 2-4D products. All of these pesticides can pass through the animals that create the “Organic” fertilizers and can be present in the hemp when harvested. Our concern is that these pesticides can then be passed on to you, our customer.

For those reasons, we use only synthetic fertilizers and add beneficial microbiological organisms and micro-nutrients to give the plant what it needs without the risk of pesticides.